Name of the project / firm

Field of business
Luxury holidays


If it is coincidence – it is great
If it is not coincidence – it is ingenious


According to the legend
OBERON is the king of the fairies (!)

Fairies are beautiful creatures
who do all sorts of magic
they do good, happy, positive things
and sometimes
they fulfill wishes
making them come true

And OBERON is their king (!)


Magic pure magic

Firm or people
behind which is this background story
and they would like to be in a business
of luxury holidays …

Beautiful …


Explanation of the logo

OBERON is a king
and his crown
is above the letter “O”

Characteristic letter “O”
is presented through simple circle
which is
the most perfect geometry element

and symbol of balance, safety, eternity, …

Association is Sun = Life

In the center is flower

Symbol of

has protective feelings for the flower

that is the reason
why flower is in the center

Maybe the most powerful
Metaphor of the flower
Is the symbol
Of the second crown in the logo

Symbol is The Queen

Because no King and no Kingdom
are complete
without their Queen

Client ( owner )
was happy and approved the designs.

A second
“client within the client” appeared.

She changed the name of the project to
Because Auluxe sounds
more luxurious,

and first two letters “Au”
are symbol of gold.

Proposals based on two different typography.

Client ( owner )
wanted to keep the crown
and symbolism of circle.

Client ( owner ) was happy
and approved the designs.